How to Safely Hire a Maid Service During the Pandemic?

We have lost several things due to the pandemic outbreak, even hiring maid service to keep your home clean is affected. It is essential not only for homes but for hotels and other accommodation businesses to have their place cleaned and disinfected by professionals.

Is it safe now to get your house professionally cleaned during the pandemic? Most cleaning and maid services in New York are now open. If you need your home, office, or business place cleaned, you can make an appointment.

There are no worries with working with maid services like; they take extensive safety measures during their work. But, as much as the company is taking measurements, you also have to follow these safety precautions to ensure that the people you hire stay safe inside your home.

Safety Precautions to Keep Everyone Safe


Cleaning services during the pandemic must comply with guidelines to ensure that both they and their clients are safe. You only have to hire professionals if you are comfortable having outside workers at your home. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that the cleaning staff puts themselves at risk to give you a cleaner home. Thus, you also have to keep them safe.

Follow these safety precautions to keep everyone safe:

  • Inform the cleaning service company of your health condition. Coronavirus can spread quickly, with or without symptoms. If you or someone in your company has any symptoms, let the cleaning service company know.
  • Maintain social distancing. It is best to leave your home when the cleaning staff is inside. But if you can’t, you should stay away at least 6 feet away from them.
  • Wear a mask. Even if you are at home, you have to wear a mask. Meanwhile, the cleaners should wear masks and gloves as they clean your house. This personal protective equipment keeps you both safe.
  • Wash your hands. When the pandemic broke out, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that you wash your hands to prevent the spread of the virus. Thus, make a conscious effort before, during, and after your professional cleaning service appointment.

Do not skip this part in preparing for the maid service appointment. It keeps you both and the maid service safe.

What to Discuss Before the Cleaning Schedule

After you have made an appointment with a professional cleaning service, it is best to discuss what you expect. You can talk with them through email, text, or phone. Inform them of any concerns you may have. Moreover, let them speak up.

What to expect from most cleaning services:


  • Flexible schedules. Ever since the pandemic started, cleaning service company schedules have been flexible. But, even so, it is best to contact the company beforehand to make an appointment.
  • Customer presence. You may leave the house if you do not want to be present during the cleaning service. A reliable cleaning company has insurances and they are trustworthy. They will let you know once they are finished so you can go back. However, during the pandemic, most hangout places are closed. You can stay in a different room while they are cleaning.
  • Equipment and cleaning materials. Cleaning companies provide PPE for their cleaners. It is the company’s responsibility to provide this protective equipment and check their staff’s conditions before their appointed schedule. Cleaning service companies always use commercial-grade equipment and cleaning solutions. Expert cleaners let their solutions settle for quite some time after applying them. They use a fresh set of rags. Moreover, they sanitize their equipment before and after each cleaning.
  • Appointment limits: Cleaning services are limiting their appointment due to the pandemic. More so, to give time in sanitizing their equipment to avoid cross-contamination. Thus, book your appointment ahead.

It is best to listen to the cleaners too. Ask what your cleaning company expects from you so you can prepare your house before the appointment. Both parties should have expectations of when the cleaning service should arrive, the length of cleaning, and how you pay for their service. Moreover, do not forget to give out special instructions to the cleaners to ensure they meet your standards and expectations.

How to Prepare upon the Cleaning Service Arrival


It is not only the cleaning service personnel who have to prepare, but you also have to prepare for the cleaning service arrival. When the cleaning staff arrives at your house, especially during the spread of the virus, here are some of the things you have to remember upon preparation:

  • Handle the Clutter. It does not mean the hired maid service is coming, and you will leave your clutter out? No, you have to handle and reduce the clutter you have made. Go through some loose toys, clothes, dishes, and magazines before the staff arrives.

It is best only to leave out the essential items, and the staff assumes to organize these items. Thus, it gives them less time to remove germs and bacterias on your home surfaces.

  • Leave out your linens: Some maid services offer laundry. Thus, if you have instructed them, leave the linens where they are easily seen. If you wish to have your laundry included, ask the cleaning service company if they also offer wash, iron, and fold services. Although it is expected for their maid service to offer that kind of cleaning service, it is best to verify to ensure that it is included in the cleaning service you are expecting.

Always have a realistic expectation of the cleaning service. Do not assume that they can clean your whole house in one or two hours. Openly communicate your needs and let them speak theirs too.

Contact Liox Laundry for Cleaning Services

At Liox Laundry, they specialize in residential cleaning services for homes, Airbnbs, apartments, and residential complexes in New York. Contact them to have your cleaning schedule. They provide initial cleaning, one-time cleaning, move-in or move-out cleaning, and recurring cleaning. Take these steps to keep your family and the cleaners healthy.

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