Poppy : National Flower of Albania

The national flower of Albania is Poppy. Few flowers have played such an important role in religion, politics, and medicine as the poppy.

Pushing often along roadsides, in ditches and other modest places, these flowers have enchanted poets and helped the doctors for centuries. Apart from the national flower of Albania medicinal and edible qualities, this flower symbolizes very deep emotions.

Poppy Flower Tattoo Meaning

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What does poppy mean?

In many cultures, the pivot symbolizes:

  • Restful sleep and healing
  • Consolation after a loss or death in the family
  • Remembering the Death of Various Wars and Armed Conflicts
  • An active imagination
  • Peace in death
  • Book messages in dreams
  • Resurrection and eternal life
  • Beauty and success
  • Extravagance and luxury

Poppy: National Flower of Albania


The symbolism of the poppy varies greatly from one country to another but most of them share at least one or two meanings for this flower in particular. The symbolism of the poppy varies greatly from one country to another but most of them share at least one or two meanings for this flower in particular.

 National Flower of Albania Significance

All common poppies used in landscaping or medicine, grown to eat its seeds are Papaveraceae. This name is based on the Latin word papa (milk) because of the opaque white sap of latex that flows when cutting the stem or capsule of the seeds. Some of the most widely cultivated varieties of poppy include poppy, oriental and Eschscholzia California.

Poppy Symbolism

The pivot is one of the most used symbolic flowers in the world. Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman societies have linked it to sleep because of the sleeping effects of its sap. The Greeks, in particular, linked it to sleep because of Morpheus, the god of sleep. Victorian people gave the hydrangea diverse meanings based on color, including consolation following a loss, deep sleep, and extravagance. Chinese and Japanese flower experts recommend the poppy to couples because it means a passionate and deep love between two people but white hydrangea is also linked to death in these cultures. The red poppy is the traditional flower of remembrance in Europe and North America by its links with the First and Second World Wars. For others.

National Flower of Albania

Meaning of the poppy Flower

The meaning of the colors of the pivot varies a lot and some common links are:

  • Red – linked to death, remembrance, and consolation in the West. Symbol of success and love in the countries of the East.
  • White – used during funerals and commemoration in the East, sleep and peaceful rest in the West.
  • Violet, pink, blue – linked to the imagination, luxury and success.

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The sleeping poppy is the one used to produce morphine, codeine, opium, and other drugs that have played a crucial role in the development of modern medicine. Naturally, demand for poppy products has also created many political activities and armed conflicts. The other kinds of poppy are used in tea and produce a lot of small black seeds that are put into buns and other foods. The pressed oil of these seeds is also very suitable for cooking and cosmetics. Some plants grow under harsh conditions, making them ornamental plants.

Special Occasions to Use a Poppy Flower

As the flowers are broad, colored and cup-shaped, the bouquets and pivot branches are impressive. Offer poppies on the following occasions:

  • At funerals and commemoration, especially for soldiers killed in combat or veterans
  • To improve the sleep of friends or family members who suffer from insomnia
  • Offer flowers to the dead on their graves
  • Send a love symbol to your spouse or someone you love
  • Establish a luxurious atmosphere for a particular event

The message of the pivot is…

Remember those who died protecting you and all those you love. Develop your own sense of inner peace so you can rest at night and get enough sleep. Honor the dead and cultivate your imagination for a richer life.

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