Ottawa Restaurants for Dinner You Need to Try When Visiting Canada

Ottawa, Canada, is a city with a lot to share. It is the home of the National Arts Centre not to talk of the splendid mixture of the best culture in the world with lots of recreation ideas. However, what is Ottawa without its social outdoors? You can never run out of outdoor activities in Ottawa. You can go cross country sky diving or skating on the Rideau Canal during winter.

In summer, bike riding awaits you in this bike-friendly city. Well, all said and done, you cannot consider yourself having visited Ottawa if you have not tried out the delicacies in some of the best restaurants. We have compiled a list of restaurants you need to schedule to visit when you are touring Ottawa.

Hunter’s Public House Restaurant

If you are having your whole family and young children on your trip to Ottawa, then Hunter’s Public House Restaurant is the place to dine. All travelers can attest the difficulty of finding the right place to eat when you have kids with you. Hunter’s offers you the feeling of home away from home. The kid-friendly restaurant is a suburban pub that offers high-quality food and drinks without sacrificing its customer service. They provide exclusive services with friendly and inviting staff.

Hunter’s place food menu features a perfect blend of classic foods and freshly created beers and rums. What makes the food here outstanding is the magic touch of locally sourced ingredients. The beers here come in widely selected exclusive bottles and, we do not leave the young ones behind. At Hunter’s Public House Restaurant sodas are as well showcased to the delight of the little ones

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E18teen is a place for the young at heart peeps who are after an exceptional and exquisite dining experience. Just like the name takes you back, the place architecture does the same thing. The outside of the building is some old stone, but the interiors are a modern décor with natural and artificial lighting. Looking to take your fiancé to a candlelit dinner? E18teen is candlelit every night, blending the themes of dark and light.

E18teen place has a variety of cuisine on the menu, such that you will be spoilt for choice. They serve meat in different arrays of options, from grilled meat to fried meat to any style of cooking that will cross your mind. The best part of their menu is the kinds of seafood. Just name it, and you will have it! If you are looking for a new experience, then I would advise you to go for the blind food tasting. It is a full five-course meal which is solely handpicked by the chef. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Beckta Dining and Wine

Beckta Dining and Wine is a restaurant located in Nepean Street in Ottawa whose goal is to leave smiles on every visitor that sets foot in the restaurant. They offer impeccable service and a wide array of delicacies ranging from seafood to meat dishes. The meat here is sourced from local farmers, and the fish is caught right there in the waters of the town. The five-degree chocolate cake is the most unforgettable dessert that no chocolate lover can deem to forget.

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