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National Road Safety Day October 13

We are going to share today is what national day ? National Road Safety Day is celebrated on October 13. Part of the government’s priorities, the fight against road safety is a daily concern of the Prefecture of Police, in charge of National Road Safety Day mission in the Capital.

National Road Safety Day October 13

National Road Safety Day October 13

Indeed, even if the accidents of the body of traffic decrease regularly, the balance remains too heavy and the bar of 3500 dead remains difficult to cross.

In Paris, in addition to repressive actions, the Prefecture of Police is involved throughout the year in operations aimed at raising public awareness of the need to respect road safety rules.

Acting on behavior

The widespread use of certain criminal behaviors, such as in-car telephones, has considerably reduced road safety, especially for pedestrians. The public authorities remain ineffective in eradicating the phenomenon, obviously preferring to retrench themselves only on speed controls.

An initiative to be welcomed

Young drivers are identified by an “A” sticker during the first three years of their driving license. It’s a thing. The seniors also act and are trying to promote the installation of an “S” sticker at the rear of the vehicles concerned. This may help to avoid some accidents.

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