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National PID Day February 4

We are going to share today is what national day? Among global, international and national days, the share devoted to medical awareness days is far from negligible. Now is the time to perfect your culture and try to understand what National PID Day  are.

National PID Day February 4

National PID Day February 4

Primary Immune Disorders

The immune system of each individual allows him, in principle, to defend himself against the external attacks that are the infections. In some cases, the cells responsible for fabricating these defenses may fail and no longer protect the individual concerned. It is then that we speak of primitive immune deficiency, known under the acronym DIP.

1500 different DIPs

There is not a single form of deficit, it would be too simple! At present, 150 different forms of PID are known, and in France alone, more than 5,000 people per year have PID.

A day to raise awareness

Awareness-raising yes, but not that the general public. Since the patients themselves and the medical profession are then targeted by this day and the organized demonstrations in order to discover the PID.

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