National Flag of Congo and Flag History

National Flag of Congo

Congo National Flag

The National flag of Cango has three colors, Red, yellow and Green. As all other countries the national flag of Canho also has certain history and meaning of the flag. The very short history of the flag of Cnago and its meaning is described below:-

National Flag of Congo

Congo National Flag History

The national flag of the Republic of the Congo was adopted on August 18, 1958 and abandoned in 1970, after the proclamation of the People’s Republic of the Congo, was again adopted on June 10, 1991.

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Congo National Flag Meaning

The colors are traditional Pan-African and Come from the flag of Ethiopia: red is the struggle for freedom, green represents the nature of the country and yellow symbolizes the richness of nature. During the Marxist period the People’s Republic of the Congo (1970-1992) there was a red flag with the emblem of the People’s Republic, in the canton.

Congo National Flag Pictures

National Flag of Congo Pics  National Flag of Congo Pictures

Map of Cango

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