The Metaphysical Healing Powers of Crystals: How to Heal With Them?

Nowadays, crystals are a very popular aesthetic detail that can bring a completely new, refreshing note to your home. However, in addition to making your home a nicer place to live, crystals can bring you many more benefits, including the benefits for your health. At least this is the case if you believe in the teachings of alternative medicine. Crystals are believed to have healing properties and to be able to restore lost balance, so they are beneficial for physical, mental and spiritual health. It is believed that the energy of the crystal interacts with the energy of the body and leads to its stabilization and, consequently, a better feeling inside and out. If you want to learn more about the metaphysical healing powers of crystals, keep reading.

Where did it all start?


Basically, crystals are stones of mineral composition, but if we look back, we will realize that people have known since ancient times that crystals are much more than that. That’s right, although crystals are a trend that is modern in modern times, it is important to know that the beginning of their use for protective and healing purposes dates back ten thousand years. Archeologists have found records from Ancient Sumer that indicated the use of crystals in order to promote health and well-being from within.

Also, research has revealed that the Egyptians used crystals for healing purposes, and some of the most commonly used were emerald, quartz and turquoise. It is also believed that some of the greatest artists of all time, such as Leonardo da Vinci, kept crystals in their vicinity while creating, in order to enhance inspiration and the flow of good energy.

What crystals can and what cannot do?

As we mentioned, in alternative medicine there is a belief that crystals have healing powers. Many people swear by their power and believe that these stones are responsible for their healing, restoring balance in the body and the good feeling inside and out that came as a result. However, conventional medicine makes it clear that such health benefits have not been scientifically proven, so science cannot stand behind these claims. However, this absolutely does not mean that crystals do not have much power. The fact that there is no scientific evidence does not mean that we can immediately conclude that crystals do not work. Let’s talk about energy and beliefs, as well as what we call the placebo effect.

The placebo effect has been proven and represents the power of certain drugs or treatments to treat and improve human health, although they do not contain the active substance and their health effect cannot be scientifically proven. Still, they work.

Another well known thing is that crystals have energy. They emit specific high frequency vibrations that can repel negative energy (low frequency energy) and thus protect your home from negative situations. The energy of the crystal interacts with the energy of the body and helps to restore the lost balance, as well as to improve the mental, emotional and spiritual state of people who spend time near the crystal. If you want to learn more about metaphysical healing powers of crystals, you can read more at JewelryTalk.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to force anything when choosing the desired crystal. All you need to do is open your heart for the true crystal to enter your life and it will happen. Your crystal will find its way to you. Of course, it is not a bad idea to educate yourself about different types of crystals and learn more about the magical powers of each of them.

Different types of crystals

As you probably know, there are many different types of crystals. Each crystal possesses its own energy and magical properties. Depending on your ultimate goal, one type of crystal may make more sense than another. However, as we mentioned, crystals choose you, and not the other way around. Your role here is just to achieve clarity when it comes to your problems and obstacles in life and open your heart to the possibility of the real crystal entering your life and helping you eliminate your problems. When you achieve this, you can be sure that the crystal will come the way it chooses and ennobles your life in the right way.

1. Clear quartz


If you are a beginner, the crystal you will surely be able to rely on is clear quartz. This crystal is quite neutral, so it will suit your energy in the first phase. What you can expect when you bring this crystal into your home is that you will feel much better, as well as that meditations will be much easier and bring you more benefits.

2. Amethyst


The crystal that will fit perfectly in your bedroom or living room after a hard day is amethyst. This stone is believed to have soothing energy that can be helpful when you feel nervous and stressed, as well as if you suffer from insomnia and have trouble falling asleep. In such situations, amethyst can be soothing enough to relax you and make you fall asleep easier and faster.

3. Rose quartz


If you have trouble in love and would like to improve your success in this sphere of life, the crystal that can be of great help to you is the pink quartz. This crystal is differently called the stone of love and having it in your environment will help you open your heart to love. Also, if you want to work on passion in a relationship with your partner, a pink quartz can be the perfect choice in order to ignite emotions.

4. Black Tourmaline


In case your main goal is to protect your home from negative energy and ensure that you are only available for positive ones, black tourmaline should be your crystal of choice. You can place this stone near the front door and window, so that you ensure that every attempt of negative energy to enter your living space will end in failure.


Crystals have many benefits, both for your health and good feeling inside. If you haven’t tested their magical powers so far, we suggest you open up to this option and find out what good things will come into your life when you start having crystals in your living space.

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