Ditch Black Friday and Buy These 14 Small Businesses with Big Online Sales

Some people like the experience of Black Friday: the crowd, the excitement, the feeling of victory gaining many points.

Me? I avoided Black Friday shopping like a plague because I’m not a big line or chain fan.

However, let’s face it: it’ll give me some deal. Thankfully, the internet has been a game-changer for people like me.

You don’t have to fight the crowd on Black Friday, you can also shop only at major retailers.

Why? Since many small businesses offer their own sales, some may even access it comfortably on their sofas.

If you want to skip this Black Friday line and support small businesses, there are 14 small retailers that make big online sales. Many are offering their readers exclusive discounts!

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Black Friday Deal for Pet Owners

Are you a proud parent of “fur baby”? This sale is for you.

Simply fat

Simply Stout has small but cute homemade dog toys and accessories for your pet (or pet-friendly friend).

Our choice: Black and White Houndstooth Dog Bow Tie ($ 12.99)

Black Friday-December 4, 2015: 20% discount using code “PENNY20” Free shipping on orders over $ 40

Ruffit Dog Carrier

Want a cool way to bring your best friend? Check out this puppy backpack at Ruffit!

From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday: $ 59 (40% off)


If you want to find healthy food for your dog, don’t look further than Pawstruck. All chews, bones, food, and treats on this site are made from all-natural ingredients.

Our choice: Merrick Turducken Chicken Bite ($ 7.49)

Black Friday: Free Fetchers Candy Cane dogs are treated every Wednesday, November 25 through midnight, when they purchase PST over Black Friday.

Cyber ​​Monday: 25% Off All Sites with Code “PENNY HOARDER”; free shipping on orders over $ 49

Black Friday flyer for beauty lovers…

Beauty products make a great stocking stuffer. And if you keep a few things yourself, you cannot speak!

Grace hair storage

If you dye your hair, you can see how annoying if the roots begin to appear between treatments. You are here to save Grace Hair Powder! It covers your roots. And absorbs excess oil.

Our choice: Dark Brown Hair Powder ($ 14.99)

From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday: 35% off using the “PENNYHOARDER35” code until November 30, 2015


Keep your skin healthy with Ellovi’s natural body butter made from 6 different ingredients. (They say you can actually eat it!)

Our choice: vanilla lip butter ($ 5)

From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday: Buy one and buy any product for free. Free shipping from the USA

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Bird leaf native

New Leaf Naturals delivers natural bath and beauty products while giving off a delicious smell.

Our choice: Stink Stopper All Natural Deodorant ($ 7)

From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday: buy three lip balm, and use the code “BFLIP15” to get a fourth free. Buy one gift set, 50% discount using code “BFGIFT15”

December 1-18: 10% discount on all orders over $ 10 using the “PHRDR15” code (The Penny Hoarder readers only!)

Black Friday Deal for Fashionistas

Now, the dresses that were worn at all holiday parties last season will not be cut this season. Visit here for more deals

Unique vintage

If you have a vintage style, you’ll love Unique Vintage with everything from dresses to swimwear and shoes.

Our Choice: Red & White Polka Dot Fit & Flare Dress ($ 52)

Cyber ​​Week: 25% off the entire site, including clearance items

Black Friday: Choose $ 25 from a variety of dresses-up to 80% off!

Cyber ​​Monday: 30% off

Clip everything

I don’t want to put my wallet on the floor when eating out or sitting in a bar. Clipa is an attractive purse hanger that stays in your bag, so you don’t have to lose it.

Our choice: Clipa 2 in Matte Silver ($ 15.99)

Black Friday: 10% off all Clipa with code “PENNY HOARDER”. Free gift bag for each Clipa and one free gift per order

Black Friday Maid Deal

Whether you’re the hottest Martha Stewart or a true couch potato, the next sale is in an alley.

Catch Green

If you’re like me, you want to use green products around your home, but at a cost.

Grab Green offers a great price for non-toxic laundry and detergent products and offers a massive discount of 75% for 10 minutes in the morning of Black Friday!

Our Choice: Unscented Laundry Supplies Care Starter Bundle ($ 23.75)

Black Friday: Use code “blackfriday20152” to save 75% on everything from 10 am to 10:10 am. Since then, using the same code, it has been 50% off.

Huckle & Goose

Cool idea: Huckle & Goose sends you a cooking plan with high-quality recipes and seasonal ingredients. Do not let farmers see you again.

Our choice: dinner plan ($ 12 per month)

Black Friday: 50% off Your Monthly Meal Plan Using “PENNY HOARDER” Code until December 31, 2015

Special Offers for Black Friday Parents

Looking forward to new additions? Or are you trying to stay sane with the little things you have? Check out the following stores.

Preggo leggings

I don’t know much about you but I wish I could always wear leggings. If I am pregnant-I will.

Preggo leggings are a fun option to grow during pregnancy.

Our choice: Keith S. Hi Leggings ($ 35)

From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday: 40% off using the “PENNY40” code (Penny Hoarders offers exclusive early access from 6 pm Thursday!)


When it’s time to change diapers, you will usually return your child.

But if you’re a parent, you’ll love the changing table vest of the eagle, which is attached to the changing pad to keep the baby in one place.

Our Choice: Wicket Changer Detachable Vest and Replacement Pad Cover ($ 39.99)

From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday: Buy one Get one free using the code “BOGO”. Or use the “PENNY” code to get a 35% discount!

Art kids printing

Want to keep presenting your children’s art to future generations? Print Art Kids is a cute site where you can convert your illustrations into notebooks, cards, return address labels, and more.

From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday: A free sheet of 30 return address labels purchased over $ 75 using the code “TPHRAL”. Or a free set of eight custom blank notepads for purchases over $ 75 using the “TPHNC8” code; Plus, Penny Hoarder readers will receive a 10% discount on orders over $ 75 in the future.

Black N Bianco

I do not know why the baby should wear a suit. But I know all about it because the baby has a reason to wear a suit.

If your child needs formal wear, Black N Bianco seems to have a good price. (I’m not sure what the percentage is going to the baby tuxedo …)

Our Choice: Baby Boy’s Wedding Tuxedo Tail ($ 19.99)

Black Friday: 70% off All Pinstripe Suits. 50% off the boy’s black suit and tuxedo. 30% off the boy’s white suit and tuxedo. FREE Shipping

Meet? No need to buy or wait at Black Friday’s big box store.

I will support a small business from my official station-sofa.

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