6 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Sci-Fi Fans

If you have managed to make the best friend in your life so far, then you are really happy. You and your best friend know everything about each other, but sometimes it is difficult to choose the perfect gift for a friend.

However, if your friend is a fan of science fiction, we have a solution for you. There are plenty of options for suitable gifts for a friend who is a fan of sci-fi.

The “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” series experienced a complete revival with new films. Do you know someone who has never had enough of distant galaxies? If your answer is yes, and you have such a friend then our gift guide is just right for you.

USB Yoda


If your friend often works at the desk, Little USB Yoda comes as a call, because it is not only a decoration for every workplace of Star Wars fans, but also actively protects the environment. Yoda gains life via a USB connection.

Once connected, it responds to movements in its environment. You can choose whether Yoda is just threatening to light his laser sword and move accordingly or will also perform one of six typical sayings.

Every friend from the Star Wars movies will enjoy Joda’s idiosyncratic jokes. USB-Yoda is a reliable table guard and protects from evil forces. The thin cable with a length of 1.5 m it leaves a lot of free space and is not too noticeable. A must for all Star Wars fans and therefore a great SF gift!

Magic wand remote control


Who didn’t want to feel like a real magician and be the owner of a real wand? Of course, it would be pointless to a wave-like kid with a wand around, it is much better if you can control electronic devices with your own wand.

The magic wand remote control is a universal remote control that can replace several individual infrared remote controls. Instead of pressing keys, for example, you can adjust the volume on the TV or jump to a song on the stereo. 13 gestures can be freely programmed to functions and devices. With the movement of the stickup and down, circular movements, rotations, and other gestures, the devices can be controlled like magic.

Make your friend feel like a real magician for once. Whether Harry Potter is a great role model, someone would rather play the role of Hermione or Voldemort or imitate the wise Gandalf – with the help of this magic wand on the remote control, you are very close to magic. The wand also comes in a sleek, elegant box, just like it was bought from Ollivander in Diagon Alley. The instructions for use are designed in the style of old parchment. What visitor wouldn’t be impressed if all the devices obeyed the magic?

Nostalgic robots for salt and pepper


These two friendly colleagues serve as a shaker of salt and pepper – they will become a real robot by bringing the spices where they need them: rolled up and sent in the right direction, they run across the table.

Home robots – just a dream of the future?

In addition to the practical winding function, which prevents crooked arms and knocking over glasses, we especially like robots because they remind us of typical winding toys from the 70s and 80s. Nostalgic people who remember their childhood, as well as retro fans, will surely be happy with their little helpers. And if someone has at home only boring standard fiberglass with a plastic lid, it’s a great time for a nice replacement!

This is also an unusual table decoration. It is logical that the white robot is for salt, and the other for pepper, which is also clearly shown by the letters on the chest. They also wear different helmets, so confusion is impossible. The downside is that you can’t fill them too much, because otherwise, they become too heavy and therefore slower.

A fun gift for fans of robots.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy towel


A real nerdy gift is a towel with an embroidered 42. Any fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will immediately recognize the quote from the famous book which se, according to the CoolThingsChicago is among the best SF books of all time.

Don’t panic. For those who are not familiar with it: The joke about putting 42 on a towel is the importance of a towel in the cult books of Douglas Adams. Because without a towel you get lost in the space anyway, but in fact, there is always a solution. In honor of Adam, there is also the International Towel Day on May 25.

Enterprise-designed webcam


Every Trekkie will be happy because of the Star Trek webcam.

This model comes directly from the original series with Captain Kirk and Commander Spock. And amazingly, Enterprise is made for webcam recording. The camera is located in the middle of the machine section, the engines light up red as soon as the spaceship is active – that is, as soon as you connect the camera via USB. The long, flexible neck with which you can adjust the camera as you wish, is very practical. The advantage over permanently installed webcams on notebooks. In addition, you can fix the neck with a Starfleet sign, for example by sticking it on a monitor.

The webcam does not require any installation software or any drivers. Connecting to a computer is enough because they are compatible with Windows systems. The camera can then be used, for example, for video chat, photography, and small movies. What do you use a webcam for?

The perfect gift for Star Trek fans.

UFO lamp – we are not alone


The UFO lamp is necessary for all SciFi fans and for those who have always suspected that we are not alone …

Classic alien abduction – Who doesn’t know, a spaceship arrives, encounters a so-called tractor beam, slowly ascends into a UFO, and later wakes up in a field with a hazy memory of nasty green species and probe tests. The lamp represents this familiar situation. The aliens are sitting in a flying saucer, the tractor beam is aimed at a cow that is already rising from the ground. In this case, the UFO is a lamp that illuminates the acrylic glass funnel. Of course, this works especially well in the dark.

A funny and unusual gift, for example, if your friend is a fan of X-Files and for everyone who always suspected that we are not alone …


This type of special gift for your friend includes all the gift ideas that are unusual and not every day. We hope we have helped you with this list of interesting and useful gifts that are suitable for friends, both for women and men. May the presents be with you!

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